Sol Travel Trailers

inTech is exceptional at making smaller spaces feel large. Utilizing what we call “Tilt –Forward Design”, we have taken advantage of the unused space over the trailer's A-frame. The exterior profile delivers more space in the front and rear of the camper than any trailer in its class and delivers 6’ 6” headroom at the peak. Sol gives you room to move around without feeling confined.

Sol outshines other campers in its class with the following features: Spacious dinette that seats up to 6 adults, large 7' awning, sizeable wet bath, luxurious kitchen with enormous farmhouse sink, commercial-grade faucet and two-burner LP stove with a cast iron grate.

Step inside Sol and you'll see for yourself a level of luxury you won’t find in any other camper in its class. Quality materials are used throughout and combined not only with our unmatched craftsmanship, but an eye for design and functionality. Sol's interior is so luxurious and inviting, you may never want to go home.