Why use BCRV Financing Services?

We work for you! We work like a Mortgage Broker, so you know we will always get you the best terms and conditions available. We don't charge any fees to use our services. It doesn't cost you anything to use our services.


What is your interest rate?

Interest rates are dictated by the major chartered banks we work with, like RBC, TD, Scotia, etc.. but will, to a degree, depend on your personal credit experience as well. That said, we have been able to save clients a lot of money by understanding which lender is offering the most competitive rates and terms at the time. It won’t cost you anything to have us find you the best rates, terms, and conditions for your purchase, so please don’t hesitate to ask for our help.


Will I require a Down Payment?

All loans are "On Approved Credit". We do have $0 down payment options, but it's a good idea to be ready to put something down in case the financial institution asks for it.


Will I require Proof of Income?

Generally we will ask for proof of income just to be safe. It is not always required, but we like to know that it is available if the financial institution asks for it.


How long does it take to get a credit decision?

We can have a decision within minutes, however, we aren't only looking for an approval. We reach out to many financial institutions to ensure you are getting the lowest rate, and the best terms. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours depending on your credit situation.


Will I be able to speak to a Financial Services Manger at time of sale?

FSM is on site and ready to chat with you any time you are ready!